VISION – Prosperity

MISSION – Creation of jobs and capacity building

VALUES/CULTURE – Integrity/Honesty, Dedication and hard work

Delta north senatorial district is made up of the Anioma people comprising the Enuani, Ika and Ndokwa/Ukwuani

Over the years, this zone has experienced bad leadership and failed representation in government, leading to economic hardship and ill feelings about politics. This misfortune inspired the New Face of Delta North, Ejime Justin Okolie to get involved and bring succor to the Anioma people, by contesting to represent them in the senate of the federal republic of Nigeria, come 2019


Ejime Justin Okolie, the New Face of Delta North is bringing prosperity through representation, oversight and intermediation to the Anioma people when given the chance to represent Delta north at the Senate in 2019.

This is achievable by coordinated efforts and poverty reduction policies focused on the rural areas, thereby stemming disadvantages ranging from remoteness, lack of education, inadequate healthcare delivery, insecure and unproductive jobs, discrimination of women and youth in politics and cultism among the youth.

Ejime Justin Okolie shall ensure:

Entitlement of assets (especially land and water)
Technology (above all) for increasing the output and yield of staple food
Opportunities to participate in decentralized resource management
Access to market
Access to micro-finance

Similarly, the New Face of Delta North, Ejime Justin Okolie shall constantly increase the capacity of the youth of Anioma by providing relevant trainings, capacity building, tools/equipments and establishment of a high powered network for employment at the local, state, federal and international levels. This will not only engender and promote economic growth, but will also alleviate urban poverty.

It is obvious that a sustainable reduction in poverty and improvement in the general standard of living among the rural people call for creation of a pro-poor policy environment and allocation of greater volume of resources targeted at the poor for greater effectiveness. If voted into office, efforts shall be complemented by a deliberate partnership with the governments, civil societies, traditional institutions, religious bodies local and international NGOs and the private sector to empower the Anioma people and inspire to take responsibility for their own development; then our people shall be prosperous again

Genuine prosperity calls for a culture of integrity and honesty, dedication and hardwork, we shall guide our people to a higher mount while preserving the reputation of its land as a fine place to live and work.